Historical Football Kits


Historical Football Kits in Print

HFK is delighted to provide graphics for a variety of publications ranging from unofficial fanzines to official football miscellany 2007club histories. This section provides an archive of the publications that HFK has made contributions to.

Football Miscellany Series (Vision Sports Publishing 2007). The 2007 reprint of VSP's popular Football Miscellany series included full colour graphics of home kits provided by HFK. The images were drawn in the original HFK "flat" style.

blue blood 2008The series comprised eight volumes covering Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.

In 2008 George Orr's entertaining historical Everton fanzine, Blue Blood, featured HFK graphics of Everton's away kits spread over two editions.middlesbrough fc programme 2008

The official Middlesbrough FC programme issued on 12 January 2008 included a selection of old style HFK graphics charting the history of the iconic white band first introduced by Jack Charlton in 1973. The article was timed to announce the results of a supporters' poll that overwhelmingly supported the reintroduction of this feature for the 2008-09 strip.

VSP football miscellany 2008

Football Miscellany Series (Vision Sports Publishing 2008). The new edition of VSP's Football Miscellany series featured graphics in the current HFK graphic style and, for the first time, included change/away strips researched by HFK contributors. This series manchester united miscellany hangul edition.updated the eight volumes of the 2008 editions with the addition of the Celtic Miscellany and Rangers Miscellany. The series was reprinted in 2009.

Following the success of the VSP Football Miscellany series, a limited number of editions were licensed to the Far East publisher, Tiga Serangkai. These included The Manchester United Miscellany printed in Hangul script for the South Korean market.

stirling albion programme 2008

Also in 2008 a history of King's Park and Stirling Albion's strips was published in the club's Official Programme of 13 September 2008. At the time we were still upgrading our graphics so the images were a mixture of old and new style. Shortly afterwards, HFK provided swindon town fanzine 2008upgraded graphics in support of the Buy Stirling Albion Campaign who produced a poster to raise funds.

The Swindon Town fanzine, The 69er, included a selection of HFK graphics to illustrate an article featuring the top eleven strips worn by the team in a poll of readers.

dundee united official history 2009

The sumptuous Dundee United Official Centenary History (2009) incorporated HFK graphics on each page in the comprehensive season by season section to illustrate every kit worn since the club was formed as Dundee Hibernian in 1909.

hartlepool united official historyHartlepool United also produced an Official Centenary History in 2009 with large colour plates over five pages provided by HFK. This valuable volume also provides a comprehensive history of the club's crest, which have been incorporated into our own Hartlepool United section.hull city fanzine 2009

City Independent, the unofficial fanzine of Hull City FC, included monochrome reproductions of a selection of the Tigers' modern strips in an entertaining article by "Smudger," reflecting on the strips worn by the team since the 1950s.

football records 2010The Vision Book of Football Records 2010 (Vision Sports Publishing) was launched in time for the 2009 Christmas market and included HFK graphics illustrating the home kits of English Premier and Football League clubs, the Scottish Premier League, leading European and South American teams and international sides. vsp world cup 2010

HFK provided graphics for The Big Book of the World Cup (Vision Sports Publishing 2010). Because several nations did not release their World Cup strips until after the publishing deadline some 2009 kits were included.

hfk poster at ibroxA poster commissioned by Rangers FC in 2009 is currently on display in the Trophy Room at Ibrox. Historians' opinions differ about the shade of blue worn in the team's early days but the club insisted that this should be royal blue throughout. The graphics on HFK show the shirts in a lighter shade of blue until 1921.

vision book of football records 2011Updated graphics were provided for The Vision Book of Football Records 2011 (Vision Sports Publishing) published in October 2010. Once again these included leading European and South American clubs, international teams, the Scottish brentford fc official 2012 calendar.Premier League and all the English clubs. The 2012 edition is to be published in October 2011 and HFK has once again provided the latest graphics.

Brentford FC featured a complete graphic history of their team's home kits going back to 1889 in the club's Official 2012 Calendar, available exclusively from the club shop.

blue is the collar book Blue is the Collar (Sport Media 2011) is a highly detailed history of Chelsea FC kits from 1960 to the present day. The book is lavishly illustrated with features about great players and memorable matches vision book of football records 2012as well as detailed commentaries/trivia on the kits themselves. HFK provided the graphics.

HFK's graphics once again featured in the 2012 edition of The Vision Book of Football Records (Vision Sports Publishing).