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Formed 1883

Founder member of Division Three (North) 1921. Failed re-election 1929.

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Ashington Rising Star



ashington rising star fc 1883

1883 f







Formerly Ashington Rising Star

ashington afc 1890-91

1890-1891 k

Recorded as "black & white"
ashington afc 1891-92

1891-1892 k

Recorded as "red & white"


ashington fc 1898-99

1898-1899 c

Colours not confirmed


ashington fc 1902-03

1902-1903 h

Registered as green & black


1914-1920 a c e

1922-1923 c g i

1923-1924 c d e g j

Black central stripes also appeared

1924-1927 a c g

1928-1929 b c



ashington fc 1898-99The coal mining town of Ashington is famous for the great footballers it produced, including "Wor" Jackie Milburn and the Charlton brothers, Bobby and Jack. Legend has it that whenever Newcastle United needed a new player, the directors would shout the position required down the pit and a miner would emerge.

Ashington FC is one of the oldest clubs in the county, having been formed in 1883. Despite their minor status, they were ambitious and entered the FA Cup for the first time in 1887.

Although the club takes its official date of formation as 1883, it is interesting to note that the modern club crest gives 1888 as the year they were established. Joannou & Candlish state that the modern Ashington FC was "formed out of the (original) Rising Star" so it is likely that the original club went out of business and was reformed at that time.

The Colliers joined the Northern Alliance in 1892 but found competition too stiff and dropped down to the East Northumberland League where they remained until 1902 when they returned to the Northern Alliance. After being runners-up for three consecutive seasons, Ashington won the League title in 1914 and spent the following season in the North-Eastern League, the highest level of regional competition.

Records of their colours before 1914 are sketchy but in 1902-03 they were registered as green and black with the Northern Alliance and it seems reasonable to assume that this is what appears in the team photograph shown here.

After one more season in the North-Eastern League following the Great War, Ashington became founder members of the new Third Division (North) in 1921. Ashington’s first game in the Football League attracted 10,000 people and saw Dickinson give the Colliers a 1-0 victory. Sadly their Football League adventure lasted only 8 years during which the club never finished above mid table before a disastrous campaign in 1928-29 saw them finish bottom in the midst of the miners' strike. With no money coming in, the community could no longer afford to support the club and attendances collapsed. It came as no surprise that the club was not re-elected, York City taking their place.

The club returned to the North Eastern League and survives to this day.

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