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Formed 1887

Elected to Division Two 1898

Kit History




Barnsley St Peters



1887-1889 a v w

Colours not confirmed
barnsley fc 1890

1889-1891 b u w

Dark knickers also worn
barnsley fc 1898

1891-1897 h w

Knickers not confirmed







barnsley fc 1898

1897-1898 h w

Knickers not confirmed
barnsley fc 1898

1898-1900 w

Knickers not confirmed
barnsley fc 1901

1901-1903 k

1903-1904 k

barnsley fc 1906-07

1904-1907 t x

1907-1908 h

1909-1912 a

barnsley 1913-14

1913-1914 B

barnsley fc 1914-15

1914-1915 t

barnsley fc 1916-17

1916-1917 t

barnsley fc 1920-21

1920-1921 t

barnsley fc 1921

1921-1923 b t

barnsley fc 1923-24

1923-1924 t

1926-1927 b t

barnsley fc 1927-28

1927-1928 t

barnsley fc 1928

1928-1929 q

barnsley fc 1929

1929-1930 t

1931-1932 g

barnsley fc 1933

1932-1936 b t

barnsley fc 1937-38

1937-1938 t

1938-1939 b t

barnsley 1939

1939-1940 s

barnsley fc 1946

1945-1947 q t

1947-1948 b

barnsley fc 1948-49

1948-1949 (1) t

barnsley 1948

1948-1949 (2) t

1949-1951 b f t

barnsley fc 1951

1951-1953 f q

barnsley fc 1952-54

1953-1954 q t

barnsley fc 1954-55

1954-1955 t

Badge not always worn

1955-1960 q

barnsley fc 1960-61

1960-1961 q

barnsley fc 1962

1961-1962 t

barnsley fc 1962-63

1962-1963 t

barnsley fc 1963

1963-1964 j

Warm weather kit
barnsley 1964-65

1963-1964 t

Cold weather kit
barnsley 1964-65

1964-1965 C

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1965-1966 a

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1966-1968 c t

1968-1972 a m

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barnsley fc 1972

1972-1973 j n

1973-1974 j n

1974-1975 n

1975-1976 n t

barnsley fc 1976

1976-1977 n


1977-1978 n

barnsley fc 1978-79

1978-1979 r


1979-1980 n o

barnsley 1980

1980-1981 (1) t

barnsley fc 1980

1980-1981 (2) n o


1981-1982 n o y

barnsley fc 1982

1982-1984 n d o


1984-1986 o

barnsley fc 1986

1986-1988 f j o w


1988-1989 e o

Beaver International
barnsley fc 1989

1989-1990 j

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Beaver International

1990-1991 j


1991-1992 o

barnsley fc 1992

1992-1993 d j o


1993-1994 d o


1994-1995 d o t w

See notes
barnsley fc 1995

1995-1996 d o


1996-1997 d o

barnsley fc 1997

1997-1998 d o z A


1998-1999 d o


1999-2000 d o

barnsley fc 2000

2000-2001 d o


2001-2002 d o

Red Flag
barnsley fc 2002

2002-2003 d o

Red Flag

2003-2004 d l o

barnsley fc 2004

2004-2005 d o

barnsley fc 2005

2005-2006 a o


2006-2007 a o


2007-2008 a p

barnsley 2008-09 home kit

2008-2009 a

barnsley 2009

2009-2010 a

barnsley fc 2010-11

2010-2011 a

barnsley fc 2011-12 home kit

2011-2012 a

barnsley fc 2012-13 home kit

2012-2013 a

barnsley fc 2013-14 home kit

2013-2014 a

barnsley 2014-15

2014-2015 a

barnsley fc 2015-16 kit

2015-2016 a

barnsley 2016-17 1st kit

2016-2017 a

barnsley fc 2017-18 1st kit

2017-2018 a

barnsley fc 2018-19

2018-2019 a

barnsley fc 2019-20 1st kit

2019-2020 a

barnsley 2020-21

2020-2021 a

barnsley fc 2021-22

2021-2022 a

barnsley 2022-23

2022-2023 a



barnsley st peters team group circa 1889In the late nineteenth century, rugby was by far the most popular game in South Yorkshire. However, association football was gaining a following, not least because the risk of serious injury was considerably lower, an important factor for working men who could ill afford to lose wages because they were injured.

According to an early history of Barnsley FC posted on the BBC website the club was formed "For no good reason, other than he wanted to. The Reverend Tiverton Preedy, cleric at the church of St Peter in Barnsley decided he wanted to “build a soccer team that the Rugbyites will not crush!”. A committee was formed and less than two weeks later, Barnsley St Peters Football Club played their first friendly match against Manor House, a team from Worsborough Bridge. Barnsley won 4-0, and wore navy and maroon striped shirts. However, David Wood, the club's official historian believes that the team photograph shown here was taken in 1887 and clearly shows players in a variety of tops, the majority appearing to be light blue and maroon. We believe the player seated on the front row, left is wearing the striped shirts that would be adopted in 1889. A second point of interest, uncovered by David is that several players have numbers embroidered onto the front of their jerseys, almost certainly the first example of numbered shirts in the history of the game.

St Peter's won support from outside the parish and went on to compete in the Sheffield & District League in barnsley fc crest 1910 fa cup final1890 before joining the Midland League in 1895. In 1897 the club dropped its association with the church and as Barnsley FC, applied to join the Football League when the Second Division was enlarged. They were successful and joined Glossop and New Brighton in the expanded division. The visitors for Barnsley's opening game in the football league were Loughborough Town, who arrived with their usual blue and white striped shirts forcing Barnsley to change into a set of red jerseys. The Yorkshire side won 9-0 and have retained red tops ever since.

barnsley fc crest 1954Remarkably, Barnsley were to remain in the Second Division until 1932, a consistent if unexciting mid-table side. In 1910, however, the club reached the FA Cup Final, losing to Newcastle United in a replay. A crest appeared in this match consisting of the central motif of the town's coat of arms. Two seasons later, "The Tykes" went one better to win the FA Cup, this time beating West barnsley fc crest 1978Bromwich Albion in a replay.

Relegated twice in the Thirties (1932 and 1938), Barnsley bounced back quickly on each occasion. In the Fifties the club spent two seasons in Division Three (North) before returning to the Second Division.

The Barnsley coat of arms, which include a miner and a glass-blower, symbolising the traditional heavy industries of the area were adopted as the club's official crest at some stage but did not appear on the players' shirts apart from during the 1954-55 season.

barnsley fc crest 1980Relegation in 1959 proved a more serious matter and the club went into long term decline that took them down to the Fourth Division in 1965. The rest of the decade and all of the 1970s was spent in the lower divisions but fortunes changed in 1979 when ex-Leeds star Allan Clarke led the team to promotion from Division Four. Clark rebuilt the team the barnsley fc crest 1981following year before returning to Leeds: his role was taken by another former Leeds star, Norman Hunter who took the club back into the Second Division in 1981.

Barnsley wore a simple "BFC" monogram on their shirts from 1978 until 1981 when they adopted a curious badge consisting of a water well with a oak-leaves above, a play on words for Oakwell, the name of their stadium. This derives from the brewery that stood behind the East Stand that had its own source of water which made the famous Barnsley Bitter and Mild unique. Nearby was a stand of oak trees, giving us the name "Oak Well." The ground itself had rather less romantic origins, being built on an old waste tip full of ash from coal fires.* The Oak Well crest was used for several seasons until it was replaced barnsley crest 1986by a version based on the white rose of Yorkshire in 1986.

Throughout the Eighties and Nineties, Barnsley returned to their perennial role of a mid-table Second Division team.

In 1994 a sponsorship deal with FPW was cancelled and the entire stock of newly made shirts was destroyed (although a few survived and have been posted on the internet). The team played in plain shirts until December 1994 when the ORA logo appeared for the first time.

barnsley fc crest 2002In 1997 Barnsley confounded everyone by winning promotion to the Premier League. A dramatic season followed which ended in relegation but few fans would ever forget seeing their favourites playing at the barnsley crest 2003highest level for the first time in their history. There would be no quick return and in 2002, Barnsley were relegated to (Nationwide) Division Two (third tier) and went into administration, narrowly avoiding the drop into the lowest division.

The mayor of Barnsley, Peter Doyle, bought the club, saving it from liquidation before handing it over to Gordon Shepherd and Patrick Cryne. The civic connection was marked by the reintroduction in 2003 of the traditional crest now surmounted by the club's name.

In 2006, The Tykes were promoted to the Championship (second tier) after winning a barnsley crest 2009penalty shoot-out against Swansea City in Cardiff. Then in 2007-08 they reached the FA barnsley fc 125th anniversary crestCup semi-finals, having knocked out both Liverpool and Chelsea but were beaten by Cardiff City.

For the 2010-11 season, the crest was slightly revised to appear out of a shield, edged in red, and the year of the club's formation was added. For their 125th anniversary, celebrated in 2013-14, a special commemorative version was worn. Unfortunately the season did not end well and finished with Barnsley being relegated to League One. They were promoted back to the Championship the following season. Two seasons later they went down again but bounced straight back in season 2018-19.

When the 2019-20 season finished Barnsley were in 22nd place and faced relegation but they were reprieved after Wigan Athletic were handed a 12 point penalty for going into administration that resulted in their being relegated instead. They were not so fortunate in 2021-22, when they were relegated after finishing last in the Championship.

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Photograph courtesy of bbc.co.uk. Crests are the property of Barnsley FC.