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Burton United

Formed 1871. Wound up in 1910

Founder member of Division Two 1892. Failed re-election 1907

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Burton Swifts


Formed 1871


burton swifts 1880

c1880 j


burton swifts 1886-87

1886-1887 m

burton swifts 1888-89

1888-1890 h n

1890-1894 a d o q

1894-1897 a d p

1897-1901 a d




Burton United


Formed by merger of Burton Swifts and Burton Wanderers 1901

1901-1902 d

1902-1903 a d

1903-1904 a i

1904-1905 d e

burton united 1905-06

1905-1906 g l

1906-1907 d f



burton united 1906-07Formed originally as Outward Star, the club adopted the name Burton Swifts in 1873. There are no records of their early colours but around 1880 they wore red and blue and in 1888-89 the extract of club accounts gave their colours as chocolate and blue.

"The Swallows" joined the Combination in 1890 and the following year they joined the Football Alliance. The Alliance clubs were incorporated into the Football League in 1892 as Division Two. After a promising start, Swifts generally finished on the lower half of the table and in 1897 they were forced to apply for re-election along with their neighbours, Burton Wanderers. Wanderers lost their place while the Swifts lived to fight another day but in 1901 they finished bottom and had to apply once again for re-election. Prior to the crucial meeting, it was agreed that the Swifts and Wanderers should merge and it was as Burton United that the club was re-elected.

Results did not improve, however, and United faced re-election in 1905, 1906 and 1907, when the patience of the League clubs ran out and United lost their place. United then entered teams in the Birmingham & District League as well as the Southern League but their fortunes did not improve. In 1910, after finishing last in the Birmingham & District League and next to last in the Southern League, United folded.

Despite their relatively short career, the Burton clubs sported a motley array of strips, including (in 1904-05) green and "Indian Red" (ie chestnut) shirts followed by brown/light blue shirts in their final two seasons.

There is no connection with the modern Burton Albion club.

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